Thursday, 17 July 2014

ART-A-DAY PROJECT: sexy//16.07.2014

i don’t really know how to describe this other than “two people in a bed surrounded by naked men”.
i guess it’s probably something to do with sex.

two people in bed surrounded by naked men. i think my brain is subconsciously thinking about sex. 
it is interesting to note that they are naked men aside the sleeping girl, i could have chosen it to be a piece about infidelity and thinking about sexually adventurous ex-lovers (don’t we all?)
but that is depressing. this piece is one big freudian slip, it includes a note from my mother.
n.b. freudian slips are errors in speech, calling your teacher “mum” or boyfriend “dad” - typically errors conforming to freud’s ideas.
i’m not always thinking about sex - freud would disagree.

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